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BEMT. Program

BEMT. Program:(Bachelor of Engineering in Medical Technology)

I. Duration
Four academic years
II. Instruction media
III. Eligibility requirement
Good health condition, senior high school diploma & good academic record, basic English language ability, good moral character
IV. Annual tuition
¥22000RMB or equal USD
V. Procedures for application and admission
Apply to the IEEC of Jiangsu University online or by SEAES (only in India)
Submit the following application materials: Jiangsu University Application Form for International Students; One copy each for the senior high school diploma and the school report; One copy of health examination record
VI. Registration
In the second half of September and the first half of October.

VI. Fees
Accommodation fees: JU provides twin/tri-bed rooms with an annual rate of $1000USD per bed.
Board fees: About 12-20RMB/day for one head
Medical insurance: As per the governmental stipulations, international students should buy the Integrated Insurance Policy for International Students. The rate is 600 RMB/year for one head.
VII. Others
Upon the arrival of new students, IEEC will help international students to get familiar with the university and the local city, instruct them how to deal with residence visa and open an account, and be responsible for other works relating to international students.