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Procedures for application and admission

Procedures for application and admission

Applying to Jiangsu University is a two step process.





1. Complete our on-line application. Please note that the postal address and e-mail address given will be used for all future communication. It is therefore very important that all correspondence information is correct.

2. Submit following application materials:
A. Jiangsu University Application Form for International Students
B. One copy each for the senior high school diploma and the school report
C. One copy of health examination record
D. One copy of passport
E. Certificate of family finance support

Assemble all relevant documentation and forward your complete application package to the International Education Exchange College at Jiangsu Universtity that offers your program. Applications missing the signature of the applicant will invariably be rejected.

3.Expenses Application Fee: RMB 200 Tuition refers to related programs.