Campus life

Non-degree Courses

◆Language and Culture Class

Majoring in ChineseElementary, Intermediate, Advanced Levels
(Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
Minority LanguagesTibetan Language: Khams Dialect/ Amdo Dialect/ Lhasa Dialect
(Basic Language, Speaking, Grammar)
Wei Language(Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
Special TopicsChinese Business
Contemporary Topics in Chinese Society
Xixia History/ Hui Nationalities History
Tradition in Chinese
Kung Fu/Tai Chi Courses/songs Courses
Calligraphy/tea art/Kirigami/ Chinese
Medicine/Chinese national dancing Courses
Chinese cooking

◆Short-term Chinese Training Courses

Short-term Chinese classes
(less than One semester)
Eight-week basic
Chinese Class
Standard Chinese course for groups
Four-week oral Chinese Class
Business oral Chinese short-term course
Traditional/ Creativity in Chinese CultureKung Fu/Tai Chi Course
Chinese singing course
Chinese calligraphy
Chinese Kirigami
Chinese cooking

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