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Ningxia is located n the "Silk Road" and with the Yellow River civilization of the Silk Road culture. As an ethnic minorty region with the largest number of Chinese Hui population in China, Ningxia’s economic, cultural and trade cooperation often exchanges with the Arab countries play an enormous role in the flow field, such as Yinchuan have been listed as "China-Arab International Permanent Site”. Ningxia scenic places of the famous, Xixia tomb, descending, Su Yukou national forest park, Helan mountain, and is known as "China's Hollywood" ZhenBeiBao studio, etc., appreciate the mystery and beauty of Ningxia is not the same.

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has enjoyed a historical reputation of “an oasis in the desert”. It is also one of the most vibrant ethinic minority regions of China. Its capital city Yinchuan enjoys a developed economy, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, and Chinese Hui culture with distinct characteristics. It is situated in the northwest of China and is a famous for its Xixia culture of a long history. It has been rated as one of “the Top Ten Most Livable City in China".

Yinchuan is located in the western inland and radiating from various surrounding major cities such as Lanzhou, Xi 'an, Chengdu and so on. Yinchuan has a modern international airport which connects directly domestically with all other areas of China as well as international flights to Dubai, Japan etc. Yinchuan Train Station also is coherent with other major cities in China which makes tourism and domestic travelling very convenient.

Yinchuan has numerous colleges on large scale which offer abundant education resources. There are Wanda Shopping Malls, parks, sports stadiums, city library and so on as infrastructures. There are various skills training and teaching organization type which will satisfy all your demand for knowledge and skills as well as learning abou the Chinese culture.

Ningxia is famous for its various types of food with unique Halal characteristics. The city has featured in produce of beef, lamb. There are many different shopping malls and cinemas which provide different styles of western restaurant. There are also spiced chicken, GaiWanCha, wolfberry and other food with local characteristics and national specialty.

The city has great transportation linkage with the rest of China through train, flight and highway. It is also equipped with great medical care hopsital which provides professional medical ability for our students. The campus has shopping area which sells at lower price in comparison to university outside.

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