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Application for Admission

The University usually enrolls students during the spring and fall terms. New terms begin at early March or end of February for the spring term, and early September for the fall term. Applicants may request application forms from the Office of the School of International Education three months in advance. Online application is also available.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be bearer of valid foreign passports and non-Chinese citizens, in good health, of good character, and willing to abide the laws of the government of China as well as the rules and regulations of Beifang University for Nationalities, having respect for China, Ningxia, and the customs and traditions of its various ethnic groups.

Applicants for the Master’s Degree research program must have a Bachelor’s (or corresponding) degree. Applicants for the undergraduate program must have a high-school diploma or a diploma from an 11-year middle school.

Required Documents

Required DocumentsNon-degree studentsDegree students
Completed Application Form
A photocopy of personal valid passport
A photocopy of personal Chinese visa
Four 2-inched passport sized photos with white background
Accommodation Registration Form for Aliens
·Get this from the local Police Station, which requires your Chinese residence address.
Foreigners Physical Examination Form
Original Official degree qualifications and official transcripts of the highest education 
HSK Scores
·At time of application you do not need to have a HSK score but you must have the score before you enroll.
Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors  

※The original papers must be submitted to the office upon arrival.

※For “Full non-Chinese permanent postal address”, please fill in address and telephone number in your home country. For the “resume”, you should attach a detailed resume.

Application Process

1. Log onto the official website of the School of International Education;

2. Download relevant application form (short-term/long-term);

3. Fill the form accordingly and provide required supporting documents and send to the School’s email ;

4. School will accept and decide upon your application;

5. Upon approval, visa application will be sent through for process;

6. Enter China and register at the School of International Education according to time on Admission Offer.

Note: Any foreigners who meet the above conditions can visit the website for the Beifang University of School of International Education to download the application form for enrollment as a an oversea student. You can also submit your application directly by emailing the School during application time.

For all applicants who have been accepted for enrollment, the School will process and mail the “Beifang University of Nationalities Admission Letter” and the “China Study Vise Application Form” (also known as Form JW202) to the applicant (if long-term one year study).

The applicant must take the JW202 form, the Letter of Admission, and the “Physical Examination Record for a Foreigner,” along with his/her passport to the Chinese Consulate to apply for a Student Visa (X1 Visa).For less than 6 months study, apply for the X2 visa. Applicants residing in China can go directly to the PSB to change their visa with the material provided by the University.

Once the applicant has acquired the Student Visa, the student will be required to arrive at the School by the date noted on the letter of admission in order to check-in.

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Office Telephone Number: 0086-0951-2066398

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