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Introduction and Advantages of the University

Beifang University of Nationalities is located in the oasis capital of Yinchuan of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is ran and managed under the administration of China State Ethnic Affairs Commission which allows our students to enjoy great combination of preferential policies. The University is a real big family which takes over 20,000 students of 56 different ethinic minority groups from 31 different provinces, cities and autonomous regions all over China.

In the spirit of the strategic position of the Ningxia Autonomous Region (such as China-Arab holding site) and to pursue further strengthening and develop even better connections and exchange with other counties in higher education and Chinese language learning, we have pushed and established the formation of our School of International Education. So far, we have achieved great expansion in students admission. Our international students come from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, South Korea, Algeria, Pakistan, Japan, Iraq and many other countries, who stay and study here in the School of International Education of this University. The School’s main aim is to push forward the education of Chinese language worldwide as well as educational cooperation with foreign universities for Higher Education.

The School of International Education of Beifang University of Nationalities focuses on the application of international standardized teaching techniques, method, course system and is ran under experienced management model. We believe in exploring new modes of international cooperation in both Chinese Language education and Higher Education by strengthening two-way communication and cooperation with foreign education institutions, set up new educational internationalized platform, so our students can enjoy learning Chinese and all there is about China.

There are highlighted several advantages of all aspects for your international study experience at Beifang University of Nationalities as follows.

● We provide High-quality modern learning platform with one of the best student residence and university campus environment. We manage by effective and efficient regulations and rules for our students to get most out of their time with us. The infrastructure of the campus includes new swimming pool, gym, independent teaching center and residence for the international students which are all well-equipped in respect of habits and customs for our students of different nationality, country, school for students all over the world like China provides a good learning platform.

● We offer professional courses across 10 different disciplines and 67 undergraduate professionals. The University has an experienced teacher and staff with rich teaching experience. There are currently over 100 foreign countries visiting teachers and 20 foreign teachers for a long time. The School of International education has a professional and comprehensive management for the best experience.

● Our students are from all over China. Unlike a local university, Beifang University of Nationalities provides a great mixture of ethinic cultures which includes Tibetan, Hui, Uyghur and more! So far, the School of International Education has foreign students from all over the world such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, South Korea, Algeria, Pakistan, Japan, Iraq and many other countries. A majority of students are able to take on HSK exams after studying with us for short-term language courses. We look to improve and further take on more variety and diversity of our students here so do apply!

● The School of International Education here at Beifang University of Nationalities offers a variety of courses ranging from short-term (one year) Chinese language course to undergraduate or postgraduate qualification educations. The short-term language course aims to improve your Chinese from four skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading. For your experience in Chinese culture, we have designed courses that stem from core spirit of Chinese culture.

● For beneficial opportunity, we provide our international students with unique and additional scholarship in comparison to other universities. There are various types of scholarships available for application ranging from Living Expense Scholarship, Academic Study Scholarship, HSK Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, which can all make a significant difference to your costs of living, and studying here. We also hold many contests over Chinese Language skill as well as over sports, photography which offer prizes for high achievement.

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