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Government Schalorship

“Jasmine Government Schalorship for International Students Studying in Jiangsu” Still to Accept Application

  In order to further develop the education of international students, Jiangsu provinvial government especially establishes “Jasmine Government Scholarship for International Students Studying in Jiangsu” for international students getting registered for degree education since the fall semester, 2010. The Scholarship are used to subsidize those excellent foreign students to accept degree education at universities in Jiangsu province. Those who meet the requirements can directly apply to exact universities in Jiangsu province for the Scholarship. Jiangsu University has a long histry of oversea students training. Entrusted by UNIDO and ESCAP, Jiangsu University has trained high-ranking management personnel and experts in agricultural machinery for over 30 countries since 1980s. On the basis of MBBS and BBA programs taught in English, International Education Exchange College (IEEC) of Jiangsu University kindly offers English-taught bachalor programs of International Trade, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Information and Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, civil Engineering, etc. IEEC also offers diverse English-taught postgraduate programs. However, the vacancies of scholarship are limited, please donot hesitate to apply, the deadline is July 30.

  Contacts: Charles Lee

  Tel: 0086-511-88792216;

  Fax: 0086-511-88792208


  Address: 301 Xuefu Rd, International Education Exchange College, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, P. R. China

  Postcode: 212013

International Office   

International Education Exchange College (IEEC)   

Jiangsu University  

June 30, 2010