Short-Term Language Training Class Information for Foreign Students
of Xinjiang Agricultural University

1.Course Description

Duration of Study:

  • Holiday Class: 2-4weeks; study in the winter or summer holiday; a minimum of 5 trainees per class.
  • Short-Term Class: 2-3months; a minimum of 5 trainees per class.
  • Study from Monday to Friday: 16 classes per week.

1.2  Language Training Category: Chinese language、Uygur language and Kazak language.

1.3  Course Content: Listening、Speaking、Reading、Chinese Culture、Customs of Xinjiang.

1.4Social Practice and Cultural Activities.

    1. >Visit XAU Campus
    2. >Welcome Dinner
    3. >Urumqi City Sightseeing
    4. >Visit Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum
    5. >One-day tour to Nanshan Mountain or Heaven Lake
    6. >One-day tour to Turpan at trainee’s own expense

    2.Application Form and Timing

    To enroll for a whole year, the applicants need to apply 3 months in advance.

    3.Application Eligibility

    A foreign citizen who is older than 18 years old and is in good health is eligible.

    4.Documents for application

      1. >Enrollment Application Form for International Students
      2. >Photocopies of passport
      3. >4 personnel standard (passport size) photos


    Application and Registration Fee: 400RMB

    Holiday Class: 2000RMB for 2weeks

    3000RMB for 4weeks

    Short-Term Class:4500 RMB for 2months

    5500 RMB for 3months