Our service

Safety measures: It is a boarding school of closed-off management, with closed-circuit monitoring system, 24 hour patrol on duty and assisting to escort students. Students hoping to go out of school must lead by teachers or with a head teacher’s signature.

Visa: A professional team takes charge of student visa issues so that international students can live in the school without worries.

Psychological counseling services:As one of the first three-star Psychological Counseling Rooms in Zibo, the psychology teachers assist students in promoting their psychological health by individual or group counseling.

Medical care: Wanjie hospital locates only 300 meters away from the school. There is also a 24-hour infirmary on campus.

Airport transfer: Besides conventional airport pick-up service, the school provides free pick-up service at Jinan airport group of at least 10 students.

Vacation life: At school holidays, national vacations, and festivals, the school will arrange homestays and cultural experiences for students.

Internet surfing: The school opens the computer room regularly, providing free internet access, convenient for students to get in touch with family and friends.

Family-school communication: the school regularly contacts all parents, showing the students’ performances, sharing the activities, and students’ progress at school.

Service of purchasing air or train tickets as well as relevant procedures on behalf of students.

Facilities around the school within 300 meters:

Four-start hotel, hospital and college

Fire station and police station

Banks, post office, supermarkets,telecommunication companies, and restaurants, etc.