International education

The school offers Chinese language training courses, Academic credential education and cultural experience groups for international students. We accept international students for Chinese training with short or long term, primary and high school education, as well as Chinese culture experience group.

Chinese language courses

Our school offers Chinese language courses, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Chinese language classes are separated into three separate levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Suitable HSK(Chinese proficiency test) training courses are also available. Through the Chinese Immersion Programs and studying with the local students, it is easy for oversea students to develop interests and improve their Chinese.

Academic credential education

International students will enter normal Chinese students classes of Grade 1-12 according to the student’s age, Chinese level, and educational background. they will receive individual study plans. The selective and purposeful study will focus on the students’ weakness so that they can study Chinese well without delaying the study of other courses and be transferred to corresponding normal Chinese class.

Students, who have finished grade 9 and grade 12 and passed the exam successfully, will be granted junior or senior high school diploma.

Intensive training Courses of National College Entrance Exams

Graduates can apply for either universities abroad or in China as international students.

Our school provides students who intend to apply for universities in China with intensive training courses of National College Entrance Exams. The training courses are set up according to the requirements for international students of top universities, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, to support those students who plan to enter a top university in China. Our school has established cooperation with many universities which provide opportunities for students to apply without the requirement of taking exams.

Chinese culture courses

The school is full of Chinese cultural classes such as :Chinese Culture, Calligraphy, Paper-cutting, Handcraft, Martial Arts, Taichi, Study Tours, etc.


The school grants scholarship for outstanding international students with the aim to encourage their potential, integrated development and hard work.