School introduction

Wanjie Zhaoyang School is a modernized boarding school, consisting of a pre-school department, a primary school department, a high school department, and an international education department. It covers an area of 600 mu (or 40 hectares), among which there are160,000 square meters floor areas. It boasts a beautiful environment, breathtaking construction, a variety of teaching and living facilities meeting with the latest of domestic standard’s criteria,and central air conditioners in all the buildings. With hotel accommodation, homelike life, and highly advanced education, it is acclaimed as a fine school featuring internationalism, high grade and era sensation.

The school has been awarded many honorary titles successively, including provincial standardized school, provincial garden-style unit, one of national top one hundred private schools, municipal art education characteristic unit and education advanced unit.

A number of our students have been directly sent or admitted to Tsinghua University,Peking University, the University of Hong Kong, University of Cambridge, University of Sydney, University of Auckland and many other top universities. With the top ranking college acceptance rate in the city, our school has received several times the city’s outstanding contribution prize for Gaokao .

The school is entitled to employ foreign cultural and educational experts and accept international students. It has established wide international exchanges and cooperation with many countries. Some of our students have been successfully recommended to study abroad in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, South Korea and so on. At the same time, students from different countries and districts, such as South Korea, America, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia, France, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been introduced to our school, helping to enrich our experience in teaching and managing overseas students of primary and high school

Local culture:

Located at Boshan Economic Zone in the city of Zibo, Shandong province, the school has convenient traffic and advantageous position. Shandong province is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. Qilu (Shandong) culture is a significant part of Chinese traditional culture, while Zibo is the birthplace of Qi culture and the cradle of football game. The Confucianism has exerted a deep influence on this land.

Boshan, the origin of filial piety culture and famous gourmet city of Shandong, is also famous for ceramic production and colored glaze art, both having long history and world reputation.

As a national key scenic spot, Boshan has become one of Shandong’s vital industrial, commercial and touristic cities.