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Application and materials for application   English  Korean
  1. Requirements and application materials :
    Those who want to come to study in BMC should submit their application directly to Division of International Exchange & Cooperation and at the same time illustrate their educational background and Chinese level. They should fill out the form and return it to the college, and they need to submit the following materials in given time.
    Students type  Time for application Application Materials
    Degree student 5(6)-year From February to August of (semester begins in September) 1) BMC Application Form for International Students
    2) Certificate for senior middle school graduation or above, original school report or the copy with notarization.
    3) Certificate for HSK (Level 4 or above) (The student who can't meet the Chinese proficiency criteria should spend one more year to learn Chinese.)
    4) trustee in China and financial guarantor testimonial
    Non-degree student Language learners Two months before the beginning of the semester (semester 1 begins in March and semester 2 begins in September) (1) Application form
    (2) Trustee in China and financial guarantor testimonial
    Short-term students According to the specific conditions desired. Application form
  2. Admission: The Division of International Exchange & Cooperation will examine the mailed-in materials and send to the admitted applicants by express mail the following materials for visa application:
    • BMC International Student Admission Notice;
    • Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Visit China, the JW202 Form;
    • Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form, etc.
  3. Visa application and Registration for enrollment
    After being admitted by Binzhou Medical College (BMC), the applicants should hold the Admission Notice, JW202 Form, Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form and blood test report to obtain the X visa in Chinese embassy in his (her) own country. After getting the visa, with 6 passport photos prepared, he (she) can directly come to Binzhou Medical College (BMC) to register at given time.


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