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Brief Introduction of Binzhou Medical College   English  Korean

Binzhou Medical College (BMC) is one of the key medical institutions in Shandong Province. BMC has two campuses, and they are in Binzhou and Yantai respectively. Yantai Campus, where foreign students receive their medical education, is on the beach of Yellow Sea, and functions as the whole school’s development base for teaching, scientific and technological research.  BMC’s construction area adds up to 930,000 square meters with a staff of 868 at present, among whom 269 are with high-level professional titles.

BMC offers three master’s degree programs, sixteen bachelor’s degree programs and four three-year associate-degree programs; the bachelor’s program includes clinical medicine, clinical medicine for the handicapped, stomatology, nursing, biotechnology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so on; the associate degree program includes GP, nursing, stomatology, and medical experiment and techniques. In BMC there are 51 departments, 12 multi-function labs, 11 research institutes and 2 research centers. BMC has 6 affiliated hospitals (including a directly-affiliated hospital) and 58 hospitals for teaching and students’ internship activities; the number of medical beds comes to 16,000.

BMC stresses the international exchange and cooperation, and has established friendly relationships with the School of Medicine, UCSD and Dentistry College of Yonsei University. BMC has also set up academic exchange programs with medical institutions in the United States, Australia, South Korea and Switzerland etc. Since 1991, BMC has engaged more than thirty foreign English teachers, and five are now teaching oral English on the two campuses.


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