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 Introduction to Northeast Yucai Education Group

     Northeast Yucai Education Group is run by the state under the approval of the Department of Education of Liaoning Province. The predecessor of the group, Northeast Yucai School was one of the key middle schools directly under Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Education, and among the first batch of demonstration high schools in Liaoning Province. Currently the group owns 6 school districts divided into 10 schooling levels, including nursery school, primary school department, junior high school department, talent education experimental department, high school department, science high school, international school, bilingual school and foreign language school etc.. An educational structure of the group featuring the linking between preschool education and high school education, the combination of educations performed by school, family and society, the mutual communication between academic education, aft-hours education and distance education, the mutual promotion between public, private and cooperative schooling patterns, has been established.

     At present, the education group covers an area of 718 mus and a floor space of 250,000 square meters. It has more than 8,300 students and over 900 teachers. Combined with the western and eastern architectural styles, the school architectures are uniquely designed with graceful and refreshing campus environment; the teaching facilities are of top level within the country including the psychological counseling center, large sports center, swimming hall, ceramics house and scientific laboratories and so on. In the principle of opening up in school running, the school has developed friendly cooperation and exchange relationships with more than a dozen of international schools from the U.S., Russia, Germany and Japan, and broadened the international influence of the school. Our graduates have been studying in such internationally famous universities as Cambridge University, Yale University, Williams University, Lawrence University and Tokyo University etc. When looking back, we see with the perseverance we have achieved our success during the course of unceasing pursuing; and when looking forward, in order to make Northeast Yucai an experimental, demonstrative and internationalized world famous school, we shall spare no efforts to grasp opportunities, explore new ways leading to a great-leap-forward development, and actively forge this brand of education of Shenyang or even of Liaoning Province, making contribution to Chinese fundamental education!

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