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 Length of schooling and Tuition Fee(All-English section Chinese section)

1.Elementary Sector: Grade 1-6;Junior High Sector: Grade7-9;Senior High Sector:     Grade10-12.
2.Every school year is divided into 2 school semesters. The first semester is from     September 1st to the middle of January of the next year; the second semester is from     March 1st to the middle of July.
3.Short-term Chinese training and summer /winter camps.
4.Tuition fee per semester: Elementary sector:
    English section¥26000; Junior High Sector: ¥28000; Senior High Sector: ¥30000.
    Chinese section ¥24000; Junior High Sector: ¥26000; Senior High Sector: ¥28000.


Submit the following documents together with the application fee to the Admission office.
1.A completed Application Form (No blank spaces if possible)
2.Academic records from the previous 2 school years.
3.An official transcript from the previous school.
4.Photocopy of passport (main page and the valid visa pages)
5.Participation in the school′s entrance examination.

Admission Process

1. Fill in the new students′ registration form.
2. Fill in the Visa application form for overseas students studying in China.
3. Provide photocopy of passport and 4 one-inch photos.
4. Students under 16 should provide documentation for guardianship.
5. Students over 18 should provide medical-examination form offered by appointed hospital.


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