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1. Small class teaching:   less than 20 persons in each class;
2. Individual tutoring:   individual tutoring specified for special demands of students;
3. Teaching according to aptitudes:   for the same subject students of different levels
   will be taught in different classes;
4. Chinese intensified:   targeting children just arrived in China unable to speak Chinese;
5. English intensified:   English teaching (ESL) shall be conducted collaboratively by
   Chinese and overseas English teachers;
6. Scholarship system:   reward students with excellent scores in each semester;
7. Resource sharing:   Overseas students with an outstanding command of Chinese,
  and whose level of other subjects can touch the average level of students from other
   departments of Northeast Yucai schools, can have classes with Chinese students after
   having passed tests via recommendation by the international department;
8. Tutorial system:   tutors shall be assigned according to different age groups of
   students to take full charge of the life and study of students.

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