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We offer Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Chinese courses as well as academic courses for foreign students.

1.Junior College Program

After passing the HSK level 4 examination or the entrance examination given by our college, the foreign students can apply for the Junior College Program. They can receive the associate academic certificate awarded by the Education Department of China as long as they pass the mandatory courses.

2.Long-term Chinese Language Program

The long-term Chinese Language Program combines learning through formal academic coursework and extra-curricular activities. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as joining Chinese student organizations, making Chinese language pals, working closely with their language pals to learn Chinese songs, games, Chinese cuisine, and taking field trips. They can practice what they have learned in the classroom and gain new knowledge of Chinese language and culture through these activities. These activities are an integral part of the programs.

Courses: The students are divided into Beginning, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced Chinese class according to their Chinese level. Courses like intensive Chinese reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese culture, and extensive Chinese reading are offered. In addition, we also offer HSK courses for the students who want to take HSK exam.

Extra-curricular Activities: Versatile extra-curricular activities are arranged every semester, such as a field trip, Chinese dish cooking, Ping-Pong competition, and a Chinese Language Competition. Students can make Chinese language Pals and join Chinese student organizations, including Martial Arts, roller skating, Calligraphy, photography, etc.

3. Short-term Chinese Language Program

This program offers a high quality educational experience with a focus on Chinese language and culture. The academic courses are only a part of the value of the program. Participation in formal and informal activities, such as field trips and weekend trips, form an integral part of the program.

Courses: Courses such as Intensive Chinese reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese culture, Extensive Chinese reading, are offered to foreign students according to their Chinese level. Chinese calligraphy and Tai chi boxing are offered as elective courses.

Study duration: two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks.

Note: The details of the Short-term Chinese Language Program can be adjusted to the requirements of the foreign student group.