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About HIFL

Institute Facts

Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages (HIFL) is a public institution providing a high quality education, with a strong emphasis on foreign languages instruction, professional skills, employment and careers.

The institute has a history of over 100 years and traces its origins back to 1906 when it was known as the Funing Teachers School. It weathered the storms and bumpy roads of the 20th century, and then in the year 2002, it leapt from being a teaching school, to become an institute of foreign languages.

The institute is located on 35 hectares of land and has idyllic surroundings, with the Daihe River bordering the school to the north, and the Bohai Sea lying to the south. In order to meet the demands of an ever-increasing number of students, the institute is in the middle of expanding. The institute buildings will occupy an area of 180,000 square meters after being finished.

The institute aims to serve the needs of both students and the industry, with usefulness in employment acting as our guiding principle. Since becoming an institute and starting down the road of specializing in languages, HIFL has been methodically establishing new courses, and continually developing and improving the content of existing ones in order to meet the needs of society. The institute currently offers courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Arabic, as well as offers specializations in 28 different areas, including English Education, Tourism English, Applied French, Applied German, Business Russian, Business Korean, Business Japanese, Air-hostess Training, Preschool education, Business Secretary, Hotel Management, Media Broadcasting, TV Program Production, Home Economics, International Logistics and Customs Declaration, Logistics Management, Musical Education and more. It has also established over 50 multimedia classrooms, simulation training rooms and on-and-off-campus training bases, among which, Tourism English Training Base has been authorized to be a central government-financed base by the Ministry of Education. All of these have laid solid foundations of students’ vocational skills. Moreover, it has also been entitled to organize vocational skill tests and examinations at all levels, offering strong wings for students’ soar in the future.

The institute boasts a strong teaching faculty. A series of fruitful programs have been launched over the years, such as Teacher’s Virtue Education, Rookie Teacher Training Project and Core Teacher Training Project, thus a lofty-in-virtue-and-expert-in-profession teaching team headed by leading teachers forming. Nowadays, among over 300 teachers, there are more than 100 who have obtained the highest professional title and another 120 have obtained dual-qualification certificates. The number of teachers with the doctor’s degree or master’s degree has accounted for 40%. Besides, over 50 guest professors and 20 foreign teachers have been employed. At present, teachers’ professional titles and major distribution are reasonable and teaching structure is orderly, which inject infinite vigor and vitality to the institute development.

The institute has been adhering to improving teaching quality, deepening teaching reform, strengthening teaching management, and better teaching evaluation system. Key projects have been implemented: “6 + 1 Project” and “Three -Theme Teaching Year”, that is, “Standard Management Year”, “Education Quality Year”, and “Reform and Innovation Year”. In the meantime, the institute has focused on model courses constructions; thoroughly pushed forwards constructions of all courses; positively constituted curriculum system under the principle “vocational skills are the foundation, practical teaching the main line, courses the body”. Now, the institute has developed one State-level model course, five province-level model courses, thirty college-level model courses, and one province-level model major – Business English.

The institute attached much importance to improvement of academic research and innovation ability, and advocated teachers to explore in education. These years, teachers in this institute have totally published over 700 province-level academic papers, written or compiled over 100 textbooks and academic works, and accomplished over 20 province-level academic researches, among which, five were awarded the “Third Prize” in Hebei Province. In 2005, Hebei Innovation Model Base settled here.

Thick meticulous academic air has stirred up students’ language craze: student societies have sprung up like mushrooms; the learning atmosphere has run unprecedentedly high. At English Corner and Russian Corner, students gather there practicing oral languages and training each other; in the Reading Garden or on tree-lined campus roads they do morning reading, which have been a pleasant view.

Over 7,000 students from all over the country gather at the exceptionally beautiful and propitious place. These ambitious young faces, for their own values and dreams, are tirelessly seeking the truth and preparing to fulfill themselves for tomorrow.

The institute has actively forged an employment platform, in a bid to make students be seamlessly connected with social needs. It has strengthened employment guidance and training of job-starting skills, sought co-operations and inked tailored-talent agreements with enterprises, opened a green channel for quasi-employed students, bettered the employment website, established a communication platform QQ Group and text message group-sending system, fully tapped into the job market, and organized a variety of job fairs integrated with the market demands. Meanwhile, the institute has made every effort to explore channels for overseas education. These years, the employment rate steadily stands above 90%.

When it was transformed into a foreign languages school since 1998, it has employed foreign teachers, from the U.K., the U.S., Russia, Korea, Japan, France, Germany, etc. Especially, since its accession in 2002, there have been over 20 foreign teachers every year. Close communication with foreign teachers makes language learning easy and free. Additionally, American Teaching Group makes a visit annually, bringing students new western culture; Japanese Pensioner Association also comes to sow the essence of Japanese culture and friendship.

Since the institute was authorized to enroll overseas students in 2004, over 100 overseas students have been admitted, from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Iran. Their presence has further thickened the air of languages learning, a beautiful exotic sight.

The institute has proactively pursued international exchanges and co-operations and has signed institute-to-institute cooperation agreements with institutions from Kyrgyzstan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, and Singapore etc. The Department of Foreign Affairs has become a bridge connecting each other, while student exchanges have widened the channel of studying abroad.


HIFL’s mission is to provide a high quality education, with a strong emphasis on foreign language instruction, vocational skills, employment and careers. It is a major vocational education provider in Hebei Province. The institute is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people of Hebei Province, the Bohai Sea Economic Zone and the nation at large, driving economic and social progress and serving our nation through highly professionally related programs and research.


We value our distinctive characteristics as being:

•Educational. Our institute has a history of more than 100 years of being a teacher’s school. To train educators who will educate people and disseminate knowledge is what we are skilled and what we will cherish and continue to build on.

•Vocational. HIFL’s education prepares students for seeking profession.

•International. We believe that a diverse academic environment is essential to enrich intellectual exchanges and to enhance cultural understanding. We will strive to define a range of innovative international educational experiences for our students so that our graduates can participate fully in a global society.


Our vision is to excel in everything we do, to be among the top institutes in Hebei Province, and finally become Hebei University of International Studies.


HIFL’s strengths can be described as follows:

•Location. HIFL is located at Nandaihe, a famous sightseeing location adjacent to Beidaihe, the world renowned summer resort. The idealistic climate and gorgeous views are quite an attraction to students from all over the world.

•Good match between HIFL’s main discipline areas and market demand. HIFL is well-connected with businesses and the professions, notably in the education, tourism, hotel, and aviation areas. The institute has demonstrated an ability to be market-focused and to attract sufficient numbers of well-qualified students. Over recent years, we have developed a discipline mix which matches areas of high growing demand.

•Being distinctive and focused. HIFL is, and will continue to be, a much focused institute. It is highly focused on professionally and internationally related subjects. We believe our focus on applied learning relevant to the professions and international affairs, with a passionate commitment to quality, is a strength we will cherish and build on. We will continue to work closely with employers, industries and businesses, to provide applied learning that meets their future needs.