Charges & Scholarships

Reference for Required Fees

Tuition In line with the tuition standard published by the University in the current year.
Textbooks According to the actual cost for textbooks in each semester.
Health Insurance Ministry of Education of P. R. China regulates that all the international students shall purchase medical insurance in China. Health insurance fee depends on actual offers by insurance companies.
Physical ExaminationAverage RMB¥ 500 per student1. According to the provisions of the Chinese authorities, all the international students shall take the physical examination;
2. Foreigners who exit China for more than 3 months shall take the physical examination again.
3. Foreigners who transfer themselves to another school in other provinces shall take the physical examination again in the health care center where the school locates.
4. On the basis of the charging standard published by Fujian Health Care Center.
CertificatesAverage RMB¥ 800 per studentin accordance with local exit-entry administration department
RoomAverage RMB¥ 2800 per student per year for a twin roombased on the charging standard for international students, excluding personal items, water or electricity
MealAverage RMB¥ 1500 per monthvaries depending on individual preference


International students who are admitted to the University can apply for FUIST Scholarship of the current year, which covers:

(1) One-year health insurance fee that is paid by the University: RMB¥ 800;

(2) Monthly subsidy: RMB¥ 1,500. It is granted in accordance with the monthly evaluation;

(3) Tuition and housing fee waiver (the awardees shall meet the required academic standards).

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