1. Application process

(1) Submit an application

Time: from March 1st to May 30th yearly

Documents: Application form for FUIST; diploma of the most advanced studies (notarized photocopy); transcripts of the most advanced studies (notarized photocopy); copy of passport; personal CV; study plan in FUIST (for non-degree course only); health certificate; two letters of recommendation (for bachelor course only); scholarship application form; contact information (including address, telephone number, contact person).

Proposal: please download relevant application forms from the University website; please compress all of the above documents into a package and send it to IEC@FZFU.COM.

(2) Qualification verification

After submission, if you haven’t received any reply for a week, please do not hesitate to contact us at IEC@FZFU.COM.

(3) Documents delivering

After qualification verification, we will send the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) to the specified address stated in your application.

(4) Tuition payment

After receiving the Admission Notice, you shall remit tuition to the University’s bank account within the stipulated time, and scan the bank remittance, and then send it to IEC@FZFU.COM.

(5) Visa application

International students shall apply for X or F visa to study in China at the Chinese embassy or consulate-general in their home country with a valid passport, the Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China (JW202), and Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

(6) Registration

International students must register with FUIST at the time specified in the Admission Notice along with the above-mentioned documents for visa and ten copies of 2-inch recent ID photos. Please note that if you take physical examination outside China, you shall take it again in Fuzhou at your own expense. To avoid the trouble may be caused by the expired visa, please do not arrive in China too early, and report your arrival to the University upon arrival.

2. Visa and insurance

(1) Visa. Students who have been admitted to the University shall take the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) to Chinese embassy to apply for X or F visa. If your program is more than six months, you shall apply for X1 visa and transit it into Residence Permit for Study within 30 days after landing in China with the help of the University’s International Students Office. If your program is within half a year, you shall apply for X2 visa.

(2) Insurance. Ministry of Education of P. R. China regulates that all the international students shall purchase medical insurance in China. For those who are without the required medical insurance, the University will not conduct his/her registration formalities.

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