Programs introduction

1. Popular programs

International Economics and Trade, Marketing, Fine Arts, Project Management

2. Five disciplines


Programs: International Economics and Trade, Financial Engineering, Economic Statistics, Investment, Finance

Core courses of International Economics and Trade Program: International Trade, Practice of International Trade, International Finance, etc.

Core courses of Financial Engineering Program: Financial Engineering, International Finance, Corporation Finance, etc.

Core courses of Economic Statistics Program: National Economic Statistics, Application of Time Series Analysis, Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis, etc.

Core courses of Investment Program: Investment, Investment Banking, Financial management, etc.

Core courses of Finance Program: Financial Engineering, International Economics, International Finance, etc.


Programs: Financial Management, Logistics Management, Auditing, Project Management, Project Cost, Marketing, Accounting, Information Management and Systems, Assets Evaluation

Core courses of Financial Management Program: Intermediate Financial Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Management, etc.

Core courses of Logistics Management Program: Logistics, Warehousing Management, Transportation Management, etc.

Core courses of Auditing Program: Intermediate Financial Accounting, Taxation Law, Cost & Management Accounting, etc.

Core courses of Project Management Program: Building Architecture, Legal System to Project Contracts, Project Valuation, etc.

Core courses of Project Cost Program: Construction & Decoration Appraisal, Installation Construction Appraisal, Cost Planning and Control, etc.

Core courses of Marketing Program: Consumer Behavior, Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Market Research & Analyses, etc.

Core courses of Accounting Program: Intermediate Financial Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Management, etc.

Core courses of Information Management and Systems Program: Homepage Design & Making, Principle & Application of Database, Web Programming Technology, etc.

Core courses of Assets Evaluation Program: Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Economic Law, etc.


Programs: Animation, Radio and TV Directing, Fine Arts, Clothing and Apparel Design, Environmental Design

Core courses of Animation Program: Animation Script Writing, Role Design, Animation Movement Rule, etc.

Core courses of Radio and TV Directing Program: Radio & TV Writing, DV Creation Training, Television Picture Editor, etc.

Core courses of Fine Arts Program: Art Review & Writing, Art Management, Introduction to Museology, etc.

Core courses of Clothing and Apparel Design Program: Creative Draping, Women's Dress Structural Design, Garment CAD, etc.

Core courses of Environmental Design Program: CAD Drawings Foundation, Indoor and Outdoor Hand-painted Skills, Ergonomics, etc.


Programs: English, Translation, Japanese, French

Core courses of English Program: Advanced English Reading & Writing, Introduction to Linguistics, English & American Literature, etc.

Core courses of Translation Program: Advanced English Reading & Writing, Basics of English-to-Chinese / Chinese-to-English Translation, Topic-Based Interpreting, etc.

Core courses of Japanese Program: Advanced Japanese, Japanese writing, Japanese Translation, etc.

Core courses of French Program: Advanced French, History of French Literature, Profile of France and the French Zone, etc.


Program: Civil Engineering

Core courses of Civil Engineering Program: Concrete Structure Principle, Building Architecture, Principle of Steel Structure, etc.

Note: Listed above is only part of the core courses. Please refer to the curricula in current year for details.

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