Introduction to Ningbo University of Technology

        Ningbo University of Technology, located in the city proper, is a full-time undergraduate university, covering an area of 641 mu (The new campus with an area of 1.370 mu is under construction). It has the educational equipment that worth 62.35 million yuan and the library with 720,000 books.

        The university runs 10 subordinate colleges with 12 undergraduate majors and 33 associate degree majors. Currently, there are nearly 8,000 full-time students in the university and a staff of approximately 700, with 41 of them being professors and 133 being associate professors.

        Ningbo University of Technology has conducted many foreign cooperation programs so as to learn advanced experience and emphasize to build up foreign-oriented characteristics of the university. Up to now, it has set up cooperative relationship with the universities in Australia, Germany, America, Canada, Great Britain, and other countries for managing programs, exchanging visitors and academy as well as ‘Ninggao Overseas Service Center’.


Office for Overseas Students, International Exchange College, Ningbo University of Technology
Address: Cuibai Road, Haishu District, Ningbo Municipality, P. R. of China
Tel: 086-0571-88165512  Fax: 086-0571-88165698