1. Tuition
·Short Term Programs: U.S. $ 75 per week, U.S. $ 300 for 4 weeks
·Long Term Programs: U.S. $ 900 per semester
       The above tuition does not cover fees for teaching materials, meals, and experiments, field trips and other visits, which are not designated in the teaching arrangements. Weekend downtown trips, watching performances and sports games, get-togethers and parties, etc. will be arranged. Should the students wish to travel within China on holiday or on vacation, the university can make necessary arrangements, but expenses for such travels will be borne by students themselves.

2. Accommodation
       Apartment with two rooms, a bath and a kitchen, air conditioning, refrigerator, telephone, TV, washing machine, internet, etc.
       For quadruple occupancy: U.S. $3 per person each day.
       For double occupancy: U.S. $5 per person each day.
       For single occupancy: U.S. $10 per person each day.

3. Catering
       Dining at the Students’ Dining Hall or the Staff’s Canteen require approximately U.S. $70 per person each month. Students for short-term programs can be arranged to get meals at the fixed rate of U.S. $6 per person each day.

4. Medical Expenses
       All the medical expenses are to be covered by students themselves.   

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