◆ Location

Wenshan University is situated in Wenshan City, Wenshan Zhuang and Hmong Ethnic Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China. Located in southwest China, the southeast outstretches of the Himalayas — the highest mountains in the world. Wenshan, Yunnan with a population of 3.5 million is favorable for its beautiful landscapes, mineral resources and ethnic cultures. The typical beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes and caves display completely the unique features of highland in southwest China, which is named “the Geographic Museum” in China. A few of world material and nonmaterial world cultural heritages and famous tourist spots which make Yunnan an attractive tourist province and where are close to Wenshan.

Wenshan is well-known for its big diversity of plants and animals, for which it is called “the kingdom of flora and fauna”. About 70 kinds of minerals have been found in Wenshan. From 56 ethnic groups in China, 11 are living in Wenshan, each of which may have more than one branch and some of which are still using pictograph. In short, Wenshan, Yunnan is a perfect area for research on geography, anthropology, sociology, linguistics and ethnic cultures. Wenshan is a fantastic place for tourists, linguists and adventurers. Thanks to little industry in an unexploited area, Wenshan is filled with fresh air all the year round.

◆ About WSU

Approved by the Yunnan Provincial Government and accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 1984, Wenshan University is a dynamic four-year liberal arts institution dedicated to excellence in higher education. Nestled against the beautiful Xihua Mount and embraced by the zigzagging Panlong River, our 118-acre campus is situated in the heart of Wenshan city, Yunnan, southwest of China, a fantastic place with a diversity of ethnic peoples.

We offer more than 47 three or four-year undergraduate degree programs to approximately 8,000 students through values-centered programs that lead to development of the whole person. More than 400 faculty, staff and administration are committed to an integrative liberal arts curriculum that focuses on the talents, interests and future of our Chinese students and international students. We are trying with all our efforts to quicken the steps of facility construction, increase the amount of faculty and staff, and deepen the teaching reform so as to make our institution a successful educational training center which can serve both our community and the world better in the future.

◆ Mission & Academics

Wenshan University is dedicated to the development of knowledge in a wide range of academic fields. It offers values-centered programs for undergraduate students through research and creativity. The programs offered at the University prepare students to assume important roles in their field of studies to contribute to the welfare of society. The institution welcomes people from all racial, ethnic and geographical regions in the world and seeks to cooperate with other institutions of higher education worldwide. The new millennium will allow Wenshan University, its students, faculty, and staff to achieve their personal and professional aspirations and compromise with society by cultivating well educated individuals, scholars, and intellectuals.

Wenshan University recognizes the importance of the community and seeks to work with local, provincial, and national educational institutions and share ideas to ameliorate the living conditions of the people through furthering lifelong learning and promoting ethical lifestyles. One of our main goals is to support academic liberty and foster cultural enrichment to our community and beyond.

The University’s first-rate teaching agenda and its research centres and institutes are two examples of the commitment we have towards academia. In Wenshan, it is easy to learn about Chinese culture, language, politics, history, and modern development. With the guidance and support from the excellent faculty members of our institution, students are able to carry out their academic goals and this is how our remarkable teaching reputation is one of the most important elements of Wenshan University. We believe that education is an essential element for our community and the global society. Wenshan University is determined to fulfill student’s motivations and support scholarship for those who possess exceptional qualifications. It is in our best interest to enhance the skills and knowledge of young learners in meeting their objectives, and our commitment to prepare future leaders to face the new challenges of the globalized world will generate harmony and promote the importance of academic awareness.

◆ Academic goals

Wenshan University is committed to the development of the whole person within a value system focusing on morality, wisdom and health and creates a harmonious environment where students grow mentally and physically well. We, while learning skills, gain a broad range of knowledge and understanding about the arts, humanities and sciences; obtain social and physical enjoyment through athletic and recreational activities and special events; grow in capacity for work, achievement and leadership; and experience self-discovery and personal fulfillment that will serve a lifetime.

The University Community seeks to foster peace and harmony by maintaining order and stability. Policies and rules help to establish order and serve the common good. The Wenshan University Community is a voluntary society that asks you as its member to possess a loyalty to the institution and personal commitment to growth, education and the community.

Welcome to Wenshan University — an institution
with academic excellence and leadership!