We offer degree and/or non-degree undergraduate programs for international students every academic year. Since 2004, more than 300 international students have come to study in Wenshan University. They are from the United States, Finland, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Laos, Brazil, and Ghana. International students from all over the world are more than welcome to transform their future at Wenshan University, Yunnan, China.

◆ Undergraduate Degree programs (4 years)

◆ Bachelor of Arts

 1. Chinese Language & Literature 2. History 3. Ideological and Political education 4. Fine Arts  5. Music  6. Art Design  7. Physical Education
 8. Primary Education

◆ Bachelor of Sciences

 1. Mathematics and Application Mathematics  2. Food Science & Engineer  3. Biology Sciences  4. Chemistry  5. Physics  6. Computer Science & Technology  7. Education Technology

◆ Catalogues and Schedules

Wenshan University offers four-year degree programs,three-year certification programs and non-degree short term study of all programs.

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