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Chinese language (Bachelor Degree)

     TUC started recruiting foreign students taking Chinese language courses in 2004, aiming at fostering the students’ ability of Chinese integrated application and enabling the students in their future work concerning Chinese. Students can be trained in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. Students who complete the curriculum, the designated degree courses, the bachelor thesis, and successfully defend their thesis, will be conferred Bachelor degree of Arts.

Duration: 4 to 6 years (bachelor degree).

Specialty: elective course is rich and flexible, closely combined with China's economic and culture development and characteristics course besides normal courses according to students’ demands and suggestions.

Main course: comprehensive Chinese, Chinese speaking, Chinese listening, HSK training (basic, medium and advanced), selected reading in newspapers, Chinese composition, Chinese grammar, Chinese by video , translation, computer( Chinese information processing), international business Chinese, business writing, tour in China, etc.

Time to start: early September


     registration fee: RMB 400 / person;

     tuition: RMB 15000 / year / person

     learning materials: 600 yuan / year / person

     insurance: 600 yuan / year / person



Within 120 days

Over 120 days

Single room

72 yuan / day

60 yuan / day

Double room

36 yuan / day

30 yuan / day

Admission requirement: over the age of18, high school graduation, HSK achievements level 3


Chinese Language(Bachelor Degree)
Chinese Training
Chinese Economics
Summer/winter camp Bachelor/Master Degree