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International Education College of TUC

     International Education College of Tianjin University of Commerce aims to cultivate foreign students and operate Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, keeps“stand from the present, look forward to the future, strengthen characteristics, form advantage” as its guide. Through the establishment of cooperation with foreign institutes of higher education, the college has made great contributions to internationalization of TUC.

     The college introducing high quality international education resources and striving to develop urgently required majors has set up many distinctive Sino-foreign cooperative education programs. Under the permission of ministry of education, the college cooperates with Australian Charles Sturt University in providing bachelor degree of Human Resource Management. The university and America East Michigan University jointly cultivate masters in Human Resources Management, which is highly rated by CADGEDC (China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre). Additionally, it also has cooperative education programs with institutes and colleges of other countries, such as Russia and Ukraine.

     The college begins to accept foreign students with the permission of ministry of education in 1992. Many foreign students who are from America, France, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Kazakhstan etc. come to TUC for learning and communication each year. For the past decade, International Education College has accumulated a lot of experience in Chinese teaching and management.

     International Education College persists in the thinking of internationalization, enhances the connection with foreign colleges and attracts more international students to study in TUC. With conformity superior quality education resources of TUC, society and overseas, establishment in discipline front, adopting the needs of society and advancing the optimization and reorganization of majors, the college does its utmost to cultivate comprehensive personnel who can combine applied science with humanities, knowledge study with technology application, sound basic knowledge with profound specialty.

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