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Leshan City

    Leshan is situated in the southwest of Sichuan Province, about 110km from Chengdu(the Capital city of Sichuan  Province and Fourth largest city in China) and 20km from Emeishan at the confluence of the Minjiang, the Qingyi  and  the Dadu rivers. This city, formerly called Jiazhou or also Jiading, has a 2000-year-old history. During the  Han  Dynasty, the district capital Nan'an was located here. The town has been called Leshan ever since the Qing  Dynasty.

    The city is located at the most famous site, the Grand Buddha or Dafu, towers above the river bed. The  outskirts  of the city have been reduced to rubble and the center now consists of sleek paving, tall offices and  electronic  billboards. Despite all this, there are still some pretty little streets and markets to explore here,  and  modernization has made the town a relatively clean and invigorating place to spend a few days. The climate  and  landscape here endow Leshan with abundant natural resources. The area is rich in plant species and fir trees  and  other rare species of mountain flora can be found in abundance. Some 296 animal species have been recorded;  over 20  of these are protected species including pandas..

    Leshan City is quite rich in Culture & Tourism, and we have rich Chinese traditional culture and history, the  Great Buddha, Emei Mountain, Jiayang Narrow-Rail Train, the Ancient Boat-shape Town of Luocheng, plant Suoluo  Valley with dinosaur age, Second Largest-scale Confucius Temple in west part of China etc..
    Leshan is an important center of silk and Painting Paper-making industry in China.


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