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Enrollment Prospectus
Leshan Normal University

    Founded in 1978, Leshan Normal University is a major university of higher learning for teachers under Sichuan Educational Commission and provides all-round educational service. The college is located in the hometown of Guo Moruo, a world-famous cultural master, china��s only natual and cultural heritage sites---Leshan City, which is surrounded by three great rivers with a beautiful natural environment, human cultural denseness, brilliant and long traditional culture(Confucianism,Buddhism and Taoism). The campus in Leshan City Zone Center stands beside Dadu River across from Leshan Grand Buddha to the east, and is jointed with Emei Mountain of a close distance. The campus is built on rivers and heavily-wooded hills, and it is an ideal place for studying and working. Since Sichuan Educational Commission��s confirmation in 2001, many oversea students from America, Canada and Japan etc. have been studying here.

 Specialty Curriculum for Oversea Students

    Leshan Normal University has set up a complete system of specialties, and it has 12 departments or colleges such as Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, Tourism College, Foreign Language Dept., Music, Fine arts, Physical Education Depts. The university has set up some research institutes such as the Institute of World Heritage Protection, and Leshan Normal University is the first one to set up Key Human Cultural and Social Science Research Base---Tourism Development Research Center among all the colleges and universities in Sichuan Province. In addition, the Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature offers some special chinese languange courses for oversea students to help them improve their Chinese and Leshan Normal University also offers Chinese languange courses for oversea students as language-learners, not providing educational background service.

Tuition Fee for Oversea Students (RMB/ One Academic Year)

Student Category



One Academic year/ 1 person

School Starting Time


Chinese as a Foreign Language

14,000RMB/one Academic year

Sept,1 of each year
Please make your application 2 months in advance

Chinese Languange and Literature

14,000RMB/one Academic year



Remarks: Leshan Normal University also provides non-degree teaching service for above specialties, and welcome those who like chinese languange, culture and tourism to study in the college.


 Living Facilities and Conditions
    It is like spring in Leshan all the year round with superior geographical environment and smooth traffic , and it has two worl-famous tourist attractions:Leshan Grand Buddha and Emei Mountain. The campus of LSTC consists of 2 parts: the old and the new parts. With tranquil and graceful surroundings, and advanced teaching and studying facilities, it is an ideal place for studying, living and communication. And the university has a complete system of sport facilities such as Gym, Basketball courts, footall playground, Pingpang playground, and swimming pool. There are also supermarkets, canteens, electronic reading rooms, coffee bar etc. Large or middle supermarkets and emporiums are scattered around the whole city. Here you can enjoy all kinds of Leshan local food especially the famous local snacks. Living cost here is low, oversea students can enjoy the delicious chinese or western food in Campus canteens with the cost of RMB 8-15 yuan per day. If oversea students cook by themselves, and the living cost will be even lower.
The overseas apartments offered by the college are equipped with Telephones, TV Set, Internet Interface, Desk, Bathroom and shower with 60 yuan / a day. You can have a choice of living outside of the campus, possibly with 1500-2000 yuan monthly.


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