Chinese Language

Chinese and Chinese Cultural Course ( half-year and one year available)

Chinese Courses give you the opportunity to experience university life in China while improving your language skills.As for beginners, it will develop your conversational Chinese in the first place, at the same time, your Chinese language skills, and also familiarize you with Chinese culture.

You will take 5 compulsory courses:

Comprehensive Chinese

Spoken Chinese

Chinese Listening

Chinese Reading

Chinese Culture

The use of authentic materials in the classroom will develop your knowledge and understanding of practical everyday Chinese and also of Chinese life and culture. Tasks and situations set in and out the classroom will enhance your ability to use Chinese in daily life. Activities, in which both Chinese people and overseas students are involved, will provide abundant chances for you to communicate with natives and “live” a real Chinese life.

The courses include 20-24 hours of classroom teaching per week. (Some Chinese Culture lessons would be outdoor or social activities.)

Chengdu Neusoft University · International Office
Building A2-308, CNU, No.1 Neusoft Road, Qingchengshan, Dujiangyan,Chengdu, Sichuan 611844, P.R.China