About Us

Chengdu Neusoft University(CNU), locating at Dujiangyan City of Chengdu,Qingcheng Mountain, which is one of the World’s Natural & Culture heritages. Chengdu Neusoft is in the Qingcheng beauty scene, with a coverage of 1 million square meters among which 60% area is used for education, R&D and IT clubs. Authorized by the State Ministry of Education, CNU is co-founded by Neusoft Group and Yida Group blazing the innovative educational mechanism and modes. With a perfect blend of science,nature and culture, CNU is a delightful place to study.

As the first specialized IT higher education university in China, the first “Notebook” university, CNU believes “ Education creates the value of students” and as an IT talent, only grasping the IT technology is not enough, students also are encouraged to improved their language and communication skills, organization and management skills, life education ability and so on. Therefore, in addition to IT technology, the university and teachers has put lots of energies on these aspects. In this sense, “education creates students’ value” is the maximum value of the school and creates the students’ competition power and survival ability in the society. Currently,more than 10,000 students are studying in our CNU.

Chengdu Neusoft University · International Office
Building A2-308, CNU, No.1 Neusoft Road, Qingchengshan, Dujiangyan,Chengdu, Sichuan 611844, P.R.China