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Charming Chengdu, once coming never say leave

Chengdu is the center of science and technology, finance, trade and commerce in the southwest China, and is the regional hub for communication and transportation. Its population has high proportion of science and technology skills and combined with large number of international financial institutions. Chengdu is the natural choice for businesses relocating to mid and western China.

Chengdu is core city of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, and the core node of “One Belt and One Road” economic belt, is building the western economic core growth pole, building a modern international metropolis. In 2015, the conclusion of international friendship cities and the number of foreign consular offices in Chengdu ranks first in the Midwest China, the country's third. It has opened more than 80 international flights, and is opening of two columns international trains.

As a city famous for its tourism and its historical culture, Chengdu boasts Three-Kingdom-Period Culture, Jinsha Relic, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and other historical sites. Given abundant tourist resources, Chengdu was honoured the "Best Tourism City of China" by the World Tourism Organization in 2006.

Chengdu is on the major route to Mt. Emei, Jiuzai Valley, Three Gorge and Tibet. It takes advantageous locations and has many famous tourism sites to visit. The Wuhou Temple, Dufu Thatched Cottage, Wangjian Tomb, Dujiangyan Irrigation Site and Qingcheng Mt. are just some of these 172 culture attractions. Chengdu is home of the Giant Panda and has the only Giant Panda Breeding Centre in the world, which is located at the north of the city.

In October, 2010, the "Forbes" published the next 10 years the fastest growing cities of the world , Chengdu ranked number one. In February, 2015, Chengdu was named by UNESCO as “the Gourmet Capital of the World”, is only one in Asia.

Scenic Spot——QingCheng Mount

The World Cultural and Natural Heritage

Mount Qingcheng, a renowned Taoist mountain in China, is situated on the suburbs of Dujiangyan City, and connected to Chengdu 70KM away by the Cheng-Guan Expressway.

1.600 meters above sea level, Mount Qingcheng is a lush green all the year round,surrounded by hill、water、ancient tree,and busy blossoms, and also for its nice and cool climate, it has long enjoyed the reputation as “the most serene retreat in the world.”The Jianfu Temple、Tianshi Cave、and Shizu Hall are the existing well-known Taoist temple, and up in the Shangqing Temple, you may catch the view of such natural phenomena as sunrise, sea of clouds,and holy lights(the sparking phosphorescent glow in the evening woods).

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