Brief Introduction of SDFLC

Shandong Foreign Languages Vocational College (SDFLC) was established in 2005. It is the only foreign language academy in Shandong Province.

The area of SDFLC is 591,000 square meters with the designed floor space of 310,000 square meters.

All the teaching equipment and instrument totals RMB 40,000,000. The library has a collection of 700,000 books. More than 70 on-campus training rooms and labs have been set up.

Our college opened English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and other eight foreign languages. There are 35 foreign teachers from the United States, UK, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Japan and South Korea. Since it was founded, the College’s leadership has been to focus on international exchange, and it is committed to look for partners around the world, exploring a variety of international inter-school cooperation projects.

Our College started recruiting international students from 2009, providing a high level of short-term Chinese language education to more than 80 foreign students coming from South Korea, Japan, USA, France, Thailand, Spain and Australia. Our college not only provides facilities for students to improve, a standard room, well-equipped classrooms, experienced Chinese teachers, but also opportunities for them to experience the Chinese culture, such as making Zongzi and dumplings; learning Chinese calligraphy and painting; learning martial arts, as well as cultural excursions in Rizhao and around the city area, to help them understand better the Chinese traditional culture, experience the unique style of Qilu ( ancient name for Shandong Province) earth.