School scholarships annually are awarded to students (excluding freshmen and graduating students), which included outstanding student scholarship, individual scholarship.

i. Outstanding student scholarship: reward outstanding all-round development students with excellent in character and learning. According to the comprehensive quality evaluation, it is divided into 3 degrees. First degree scholarship is 3000yuan, which does not exceed 3% of the total number of international students. Second degree scholarship is 2000yuan,which does not exceed 5% of the total number of international students.Third degree scholarship is 1000yuan, which does not exceed 7% of the total number of international students.

ii. Individual scholarship: 300 yuan is used to award outstanding student in organizational management, sports activities, etc.There are all five types of individual scholarships: organizational management,literature and art specialty, sports specialty, hygiene model and special contribution. The proportion of each selection does not exceed 3% of the total number of students abroad.

(4) Application fees by coming to school card center of the university or transferring to school bank account will be acceptable.

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