MBBS Application

1. Applicant Qualification

Foreign citizens that apply to study in Binzhou Medical University shall have a reliable economic guaranty and guarantor. He/she shall promise to follow Chinese constitution, Chinese laws and regulations of the university during his stay in China. He/she shall also choose to come to our university at their own willingness.

The applicants shall meet the following conditions:

(1)Healthy both in mind and body;

(2)Citizens with no Chinese nationality and holding foreign passports;

(3)Applicants who intend to apply for a bachelor degree shall have an official high school graduation certificate or own the same or above educational level. And the age shall be between 18-40 years old.

2.Application Materials

(1) Application Form of Overseas Students for Binzhou Medical University;

(2) Graduation Certificate of High School

(3) Transcripts of High School

(4) One copy of passport and 4 pictures with the same size of passport.

(5) A guarantee letter for affairs in China, a guarantor (a copy of his/her ID card) and contact details of the guarantor.

(6) Copies of application fees receipt.

(7) Curriculum Vitae(Personal Resume)

(8) Non-fresh graduates need to provide working certificate and letters of recommendation.

3. Application Methods

(1) Sending application material by coming to the university, mailing,faxing, and e-mailing will be acceptable.

(2)For applicants who intend to pursue abachelor degree, after the inspection is qualified, he/she shall take part in an entrance examination after his/her application material being qualified. This examination includes a written examination and an interview, which is mainly designed to check applicants’ basic knowledge and the language capacity.

Applicants can only be admitted after passing the examination.

4. Application time

April 25th, 2016---June 30th, 2016

5. Enrollment time

According to the admission notice letter.

6. Major to Enroll Students

Clinical Medicine: 6 years’ schooling.

Notes: schooling years may be extended for one or two years due to language problem or other reasonable reasons.

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