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Study In NingXia University - Study In China

Ⅰ.Categories and Qualifiestions of Students



Duration of Study

Short term students

Any age, healthy

Less than a semester

Long term students

Any age, healthy

More than half a year


High School Diploma, healthy

4 years


Healthy, certificate of the Bachelor's Degree (for Master’s degree)
Healthy, certificate of the Master's Degree (for PH.D)

Master’s Degree -3 years
PH.D-3 years

Ⅱ.Specialties and Programs



Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language

Long Term Program

Development Chinese

Compulsory Courses: Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading Listening, Oral Chinese, Reading and Writing Chinese Characters, Composition , and Grammar
Optional Courses: General Knowledge of Modern Chinese, Chinese Culture, Chinese History, Chinese Geography, Business Chinese, Calligraphy, HSK Training(Chinese Proficiency Examination)

Chinese Made Easier

Short Term Program

Elementary Chinese, Calligraphy, Chinese Culture, Chinese Folk Song and Traditional Instrument, Chinese Martial Arts, and School Trips.

Undergraduate and Postgraduates Program

Undergraduate Postgraduate

The University offers 65 undergraduate programs, 48 master’s programs and 3 Doctorate programs for overseas students to choose from


Ⅲ.Application Procedure

1. Any one who wishes to study in the school may first contact us either by mail, by telephone or by fax and ask for Ningxia University International Students Application Form for Admission. You can also visit our website at https://cuecc.com for more information. After filling in the form, please mail or fax it back to Ningxia University at your earliest convenience.
2. Once admitted, an admission notification and a Visa Application Form for Admission to China (also called JW202 Form) will be mailed to the applicants. After obtaining these two documents, the applicants can apply for an X visa from their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
3. Please complete the following documents before the deadline for registration:  
1) Admission Notification
2) JW202 Form
3) Passport
4) Diploma or Certificate for Education
5) Heath Certificate
4. Registration deadline: - March 1 for the spring semester.
- September 1 for the autumn semester.
Short-term programs can be approved for at anytime.

IV.Schooling Certificate

After completing the required courses and passing the exams, all overseas students who study in Ningxia University will be granted a relevant certificate:
Short term students: Certificate of Study
Long term students: Certificate of Completion
Undergraduate and Postgraduate students: Diploma of Relevant Academic Degree

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