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Ningxia University was one of the first institutions for higher learning to be approved by the Ministry of Education to take in foreign students.  The School of International Education was originally called the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language of Ningxia University. The newly established School of International Education is specially formed for the education and management of foreign students. It is responsible for handling all types of publicity, inquiries and recruiting for Ningxia University’s foreign students. It will also take care of the education and management for the foreign students who are already enrolled. At the same time, the School will also accept different types of individuals and groups who have come for a visit and/or short-term study.

At present, the School employs 8 well-known (both within and outside of China) Chinese teaching experts as academic consultants as well as 40 and full and part-time teachers. More than half of them are professors and associate professors and 9 of the teachers have credentials for teaching Chinese to foreign students. The School has a standard program for teaching Chinese to foreign students for their development.  It also has excellent teaching facilities and a good reputation.

Students will be taught in small classes with the emphasis on personalized learning.  Appropriate methods will be applied to students of different levels while maintaining high educational quality. According to their own language abilities and specific field of research, students can apply for one of the 65 undergraduate, 48 master’s degree and 3 doctorate programs that are offered by the University.

Since the first recruitment in 1992, there have been over 500 students that have come to study. These students have come from more than 20 countries – America, Korea, Japan, Romania, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Kuwait, Iran, Indonesia, Algeria, France and Germany. 

                                                                     Address:Yifu Building, District B, Ningxia University, Yinchuan, Ningxia, P.R.C
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