Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship

Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for international students is established by Jiangxi provincial government and the quota of the scholarship has already been distributed to each higher education institution accepting international students in Jiangxi province. This scholarship is for the friendly, excellent international students(without students from Hongkong and Macao included) whether he already studies in China or not and covers doctor degree, master degree, bachelor degree and advanced students who study in China over 6 months,.

This scholarship will be reviewed annually as per the actual seats and amount.

Categories of scholarship and Eligibility Requirements Three categories of scholarship:

Type A Scholarship, 25000RMB for each person per year, used to sponsor international students studying for doctoral and master degrees;

Type B Scholarship, 20000RMB for each student per year, used to sponsor international students for bachelor’s degree

Type C Scholarship, 6000RMB, used to fund visiting scholars or other foreign students who will study in the university for at least half a year.

Eligibility Requirements

(1)Doctor students: obtain the master degree, two recommend letters from the professors or associated professors, not be over 40 years old.

(2)Master students: obtain the bachelor degree, two recommend letters from the professors or associated professors,not be over 35 years old.

(3)Undergraduate: obtain equivalent degree or certificate to China’s senior high schools and should not more than 25 years old when register in the school.

(4) Advanced students: study in China more than half a year.

(5) Applicants should be foreigners with foreign passport, be kind to China and in good health condition.

(6) Applicants applying the school should abide by the law and regulations of Chinese government, conforming to the admission requirements of the school with academic excellence and good moral characters.

(7) Applicants having studied in the school should be outstanding among the grade or the class with good performance and with no any behavior of violating China’s law and the school’s regulations.

(8) Applicants who want to study Chinese Language or any related major for degree program should have relevant Chinese language level and provide related certificate such as HSK certificate or any other Chinese study or exam certificate. Applicants for other majors could be appropriate to relax the conditions.

(9) Applicants should not be holding scholarships of any other category at the same time.

Application and Review

According to the recruitment scale, structure level, development condition and last year performance, provincial education department and provincial financial department has distributed the quota of the scholarship to each higher education institution before the end of January every year .

Item 9: The scholarship application and first-round review are organized by universities themselves. The university is required to form a group especially for the scholarship review and assign one as the leader. The application review lasts from January to May annually but its specific time is up to the university itself. The applicant should refer to the regulations of different scholarships and then apply through his current university or the university he will go.

Application Documents in Duplicate

1. Application Form for Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship

2. Notarized highest education diploma and transcript attained (scheduled graduation proof or official proof of student status).

3. Photocopy of passport photo page.

4. Health certificate

5. Recommendation letters (advanced students and undergraduates not included)

6. Study plan in China (for the freshmen)

Notice: all the application materials will not be sent back.

University will review all the application materials it gets and decisions for granting the scholarships will be made on the basis of the applicant’s competitiveness, academic record and other preset standards as per the true seats, which will be open in campus for one week. The list of scholarship winners and their application materials are to be sent to the Provincial Education Department before the end of June.