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The University offers high-quality degree programmes designed for the global economy in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, and based on the structure of its related programmes. These programmes combine the strengths of both parent universities and assimilate cutting-edge subject knowledge and educational theories, in order to ensure the programmes continue to thrive at the frontier of global development in these fields.

The quality of these programmes are also ensured by means of rigorous quality assurance systems established in line with the requirements of the British Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), supported by high-calibre academic staff recruited from both home and overseas and led by world renowned scholars.

Undergraduate Courses

Department Of Architecture

BEng Architecture

Department Of Biological Sciences

BSc Biological Sciences

Department Of Chemistry

BSc Applied Chemistry

Department Of China Studies

BA Contemporary China Studies

Department Of Civil Engineering

BEng Architectural Engineering

BEng Civil Engineering

Department Of Computer Science and Software Engineering

BEng Computer Science and Technology

BSc Information and Computing Science

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

BEng Digital Media Technology

BEng Electrical Engineering

BEng Electronic Science and Technology

BEng Telecommunications Engineering

Department Of English, Culture and Communication

BA Applied English

BA Communication Studies

BA English and Communication Studies

BA English and Finance

BA English and International Business

Department of Environmental Science

BSc Environmental Science

Department Of Industrial Design

BEng Industrial Design

Department of Mathematical Sciences

BSc Applied Mathematics

BSc Financial Mathematics

Department Of Public Health

BSc Public Health

Department of Urban Planning and Design

BA Urban Planning and Design

International Business School Suzhou

BA Accounting

BA Business Administration

BSc Economics

BSc Economics and Finance

BA Human Resource Management

BSc Information Management and Information Systems

BA International Business with a Language

BA Marketing

Postgraduate Courses

Department Of Architecture

Master of Architectural Design

Department Of Biological Sciences

MRes Molecular Bioscience

Department Of Chemistry

MRes Advanced Chemical Sciences

Department Of Civil Engineering

MSc Sustainable Construction

Department Of Computer Science and Software Engineering

MRes Computer Science

MSc Social Computing

MSc Applied Informatics

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

MSc Multimedia Telecommunications

MSc Sustainable Energy Technology

Department Of English, Culture and Communication

MSc Media and Communication


Department of Mathematical Sciences

MSc Financial Mathematics

Department of Urban Planning and Design

MSc Urban Planning

International Business School Suzhou

Msc Business Analytics

MSc Economics

MSc Economics and Finance

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MSc Finance


International MBA

MSc Investment Management

MSc Management

MRes Management

MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management

MSc Professional Accounting

MSc Project Management

Chinese Language Course

If you are interested in learning Chinese as opposed to a full degree programme, XJTLU has specifically designed both credit and non-credit bearing Chinese language courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. The delivery of Chinese courses is interactive and “hands-on”. We avoid dull repetition and focus on what is relevant through stimulating activities so that you experience the language as you were facing it in a live situation.

Duration: 1 semester to 4 years

Major modules: Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Tourist Chinese, Chinese Listening, News, Chinese Reading and Chinese Writing.

The long-term courses are mainly designed for students who are interested in learning Chinese language for a relatively long time. The courses emphasize listening, speaking, reading and writing, enabling students to learn Chinese language and culture in an all-round way. Colourful activities such as movie appreciation, painting, Calligraphy, Kung Fu, Taiji and field trips are also designed for student to experience Chinese culture.

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