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Tuition Fees and Scholarships


Tuition Fees Per Year (2015/16)
International Students80,000 RMB
(approx. 13,000 USD)
China Mainland, Hong Kong,
Macaoand Taiwan Students
77,000 RMB
(approx. 12,500 USD)

Other Costs

At registration, there will be a charge of RMB 2,000 per academic year, for non-tuition fees, such as textbooks, library, printing fees, and an ID card (exchange and visiting students are charged RMB 1,000 per semester). Some programmes or modules will have additional activity or materials fees.

Merit Scholarship

The University offers a generous scholarship for the 2015/16 intake up to 50 percent off the first year tuition fee. This is based on academic merit, and its annual renewal is dependent on continuing strong academic performance. For more details about this scholarship, please visit our website.

Government Scholarships

The Chinese Ministry of Education and Jiangsu provincial government offer generous scholarships. For details, please visit our website.

Scholarships for Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan Students

The Ministry of Education and Jiangsu provincial government also offer scholarships for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students.

Progression Scholarship

Progression scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of the students’ overall average marks in the previous academic session.

The University of Liverpool Discount

Students enrolling at XJTLU in the 2015/16 academic year who choose to transfer to the University of Liverpool on the 2+2 study route, will be offered a discount of 15 percent off the tuition fees of the University of Liverpool. Please refer to our website for full details about scholarship requirements and conditions.


Tuition Fees (2015/2016)
Degree ProgrammeRMBProgramme Duration
Advanced Chemical Sciences (MRes)90,00018 Months, FT
Applied Informatics (MSc)90,00018 Months, FT
Architectural Design160,0002 Years, FT
Business Analytics (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT
Computer Science (MRes)90,00018 Months, FT
Economics (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT
Economics and Finance (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSc)140,00018 Months, FT/
36 Months, PT
Finance (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT
Financial Mathematics (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT
IBSS MBA*188,00015 Months, FT
International MBA for Executives260,0002 Years, PT
Investment Management (MSc) 150,00018 Months, FT
Management (MRes)90,00018 Months, FT/
24 months,PT
Management (MSc) 120,00018 Months, FT/
36 Months, PT
Molecular Bioscience (MRes)90,00018 Months, FT
Multimedia Telecommunications (MSc)90,00018 Months, FT
Operations and Supply Chain Management (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT/
36 Months, PT
Professional Accounting (MSc)140,00018 Months, FT
Project Management (MSc)120,00018 Months, FT/36 Months, PT
Social Computing (MSc)90,00018 Months, FT
Sustainable Construction (MSc)90,00018 Months, FT/36 Months, PT
Sustainable Energy Technology (MSc)90,00018 Months, FT
TESOL (MA)90,00018 Months, FT/30 Months, PT
Urban Planning (MSc)90,00018 Months, FT

* Note: Introductory Tuition Fee for 2015 Cohort is RMB 150,000 (USD 25,000)

XJTLU offers a generous scholarship of 50% of total tuition fee based on academic merit, for full-time programmes.

The University of Liverpool Discount

If you are a graduate of XJTLU, the University of Liverpool or Xi’an Jiaotong University, you will automatically receive a scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee.

Corporate Discounts

We are pleased to offer corporate discounts of:

1 student – Full price

2 students – 10% discount

3 students – 15% discount

4 students or more – 20% discount


If you are studying on a corporate discount programme, you will not be eligible for an additional scholarship.

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