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Courses for main specialities

Courses for main specialities:
1. Main courses for traditional Chinese medicine speciality
1)medical biology 2)tradition Chinese medical classics 3)essentials of traditional Chinese medicine 4)traditional Chinese pharmacology  5)selected reading for Neijing  6) prescription ( or recipology ) for traditional Chinese medicine   7)selected reading for typhoid fever papers  8)selected reading for Jinkui  9)Wenbin  10)human anatomy 11)internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine  12)biochemistry  13)physiology 14)pathology  15)surgery of traditional Chinese medicine 16)internal medicine for western medicine 17)surgery for western medicine and etc.

2. Courses arrangement for computer science and technology speciality
1)essentials for computer application  2)Linear algebra 3)Advanced mathematics 4)Probability theory and mathematics statistics   5)Discrete mathematics  6)C and C++. 7)Electro-technics and electronic technology 8)Data structure  9)Assembly language 10)Data circuit  11)Database theory and its application                 12)Computer structure theory   13)The principle for computer  14) Multimedia technology and its application 15)Operating system  16)Compiling theory  17) Software engineering and interface technology  18)Computer security and network 19) Linux system and program design    20)Single-chip computer and its application 21)Computerizing and analyze and etc.

3. animal science
 1)animal anatomy and histology and embryology 2)animal physiology 3) animal biochemistry 4)biological statistics and test design 5)animal genetics and breeding 6)livestock reproduction 7)animal nutrition and fodder and grassland 8)surrounding hygiene for livestock 9)preventive and clinical veterinary medicine 10)animal obstetrics and etc.

4. animal medicine
1)animal physiology 2) clinical veterinary medicine 3) preventive veterinary medicine 4)animal anatomy 5) histology and embryology 6)animal pathology 7)veterinary pharmacology 8)veterinary biology 9)livestock parasitology 10)livestock general illness 11) veterinary clinical diagnostics and etc
5. Chinese linguistics and literature:

  1. modern Chinese 2)introduction of literature 3)essentials for writing 4)modern literature 5)contemporary literature 6)ancient literature 7)formal logic 8)ancient Chinese 9) foreign literature 10)Chinese and Chinese culture 11) art theory for literature language 12)pragmatic oral language 13)Chinese and culture exchange and etc.

Short-term Further Education without Academic Certificate Granted

    Chinese linguistics;
    Nursing of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Mocibustion, Massage, Veterinary medicine, Horticulture, Computer Science, Clinical Laboratory Medicine, Fine Arts.
Enrolling Requirements:
All applicants should have HSK certificate which is higher than 3 band except for Chinese linguistics further study.


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