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Qualification for application

All citizens who are healthy, aged between 18---40, would obey laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China and regulations of HeBei North University; graduated from high school and have certificate of Chinese standard examination 6 band can apply.

Application procedure

The applicants should fill in <Overseas student Enrolling Application Form of Hebei North University>. The form can be obtained from International Education Exchange Center of Hebei North University or unload from Internet of scientific research department, Hebei North University.
  1. The students should supply guaranty of guarantee.
  2. The students should supply 6 photos (3cm x 4cm) and certificate of health.
  3. The students should supply certificate of academic background which is or higher than high school and a copy of grades list ( with school or notarial seal );
  4. The students should supply the certificate Chinese standard examination.
  5. The students should supply the copy of passport.




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