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Hebei North University Introduction for enrolling overseas students

Hebei North University is a multi---faculty university of higher learning under provincial administration taking medicine, agronomy and normal education as marked features in Hebei province. It focuses on teaching, scientific research, clinical medicine and scientific development. The university has long history with medical specialty founded in 1945, agronomy specialty set up in 1923 and normal education established in 1954. At present, the university has enrolled 15000 full---time students. The university boasts a collection of over one million books, more than ten thousand US dollars worth of apparatus and equipment and 1200 sickbeds.
The university has complete academic scientific areas with strong teaching staff strength. The existing academic areas of the university cover 57 undergraduate and vocation courses, including clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese linguistics and literature, agronomy and animal science. The university owns 810 teachers and 130 professors 500 associate professors on staff. 222 teachers on staff have got doctor or master degree, and the structure of professional title is reasonable.
The university is located in Zhangjiakou, a famous city beyond the Great Wall and well---known as North Gate and Back Garden to Beijing. Situated at the intersection of Hebei province, Shanxi province, Beijing and Inner Mongolia along the magnificent Great Wall, Zhangjiakou is homeland for schooling and academy, civilizing and disipline.
Located at the center of Zhangliakiou city, Hebei North University is 3 kilometers from the railway station and 200 kilometers away from the capital of chiuna---Beijing. The transportation is very convenient.
The arrangement of specialties
For bachelor degree (5 years education system)
01.clinical medicine                 02.medical laboratory test
03.traditional Chinese medicine        04.Chinese and western clinical medicine
05.stomatology                     06.medical imaging
07.foresic medicine                  08 nursing medicine
09.anaesthetics                     10.pharmacology
For bachelor degree (4 years education system)
11.information management and information system    12.mathematics and applied mathematics
13.physics                                      14.chemistry
15.computer science and its technology              16.history
17.English linguistics and literature                 18.fine arts
19.Chinese linguistics and literature                 20.agronomy
21.animal science                               22.animal medicine


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