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Ⅰ. University Profile

 Tngren Polytechnic College was founded in 2002, located in Tongren, Guizhou Province. It covers an area of 79.1 hectares with pleasant environment and convenient transportation.

 It boasts nearly 15,000 full-time students and more than 600 teaching and administrative staffs, recruiting students from Laos, Indonesia, Russian, Vietnam, etc.

 National Key Polytechnic College

 Excellent Unit in the Evaluation of Educational Level in Polytechnic Colleges granted by the Ministry of National Education

 Top 50 of National Employment College

 National Charming Vocational College Campus in 2012

 HSK Test Center

Ⅱ. Admission

Age: from 18 to 50

Application fee: 500/person

Scholarship: Fanjing Mountain Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, College Scholarship

Student Type


Enrollment Time


Materials Needed


Chinese Language Learning

1 month

All year round


1)     Application Form (scanned copy)
2)     Passport  (scanned copy)
3)      Health certification (scanned copy)
4)  Scholarship Application Form  (scanned copy)
5)   Resume

3 months


6 months


1 year





3 years






See the attachment


1)  Academic record equivalent to Chinese high school graduate  (scanned copy)
2)  Application Form (scanned copy)
3)   Passport (scanned copy)
4)    Health certification  (scanned copy)
5) Scholarship Application Form  (scanned copy)
6)  HSK certificate
7) )Resume

Ⅲ. Notices

1. Students who have difficulty in paying tuition can apply for tuition waiver.

2. Students come to the college pay for the traffic and travelling expenses for themselves. Other fees to be charged (CNY): health examination 300, stay permit 400/year, taking photo for stay permit: 30, JW202 visa application form 20.

3. There is no diploma requirement for Chinese language students. Generally, language students have no scholarship. Students with excellent academic performance can get our recommendation for further education.

4. We provide Fanjing Mountain Scholarships, covering tuition and accommodation.

5. After the language training, students, at HSK Level 3, can go to major studies with Associate’s degree to be conferred. And students at HSK Level 4 can apply for Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.