Bilingual Chinese Section

The Bilingual Chinese Section conducts streamline Chinese education which consists of a bilingual elementary school, a bilingual junior high school and a bilingual senior high school. We set the high standard of "Striving to Help our Students Achieve their Goal of Attending Ideal Universities; Striving for our Students to Become Excellent Talents". In addition, the Bilingual Chinese Section also adopts the teaching strategy of "Facing All Students and Conducting Elite Education". This strategy widely improves students' scores, helps develop their personalities and cultivates top students. In this Section, the excellence rate and pass percentage in terms of entrance examinations for high schools always comes out on top. The students' college entrance examination scores are very high, and all the formally-admitted students have been granted entrance to domestic universities.

The students help each other study.

Panoramic view of the teaching building of the high school.

Liu Siyang

Peking University

Liu Zhimin

Tsinghua University

Shi Huali

Tsinghua University