Overseas Student Center

The Overseas Student Center conducts Chinese teaching for foreigners as well as management of foreign students. In this section, the students are fully immersed in the Chinese language, enabling them to rapidly grasp the knowledge required to effortlessly enter the Bilingual Chinese Section, IB International Section, or to pass the HSK examination for entrance to Chinese Universities. The students will be divided into different classes according to their Chinese level. Since it was established in 2005, the Section has gained excellent results in HSK examination and university admission. The students who have no Chinese foundation can conduct language communication freely after one year of learning Chinese. In this Section, the HSK pass percentage exceeds 100%, and most foreign students have been admitted to many well-known domestic universities, including Tsinghua University and Peking University.

Chinese and foreign students learn and communicate together.

The Chinese activity class, helping improve students' Chinese level.

Huang Xiaolong, from Indonesia, won the first prize in the swimming contest.

Zou Qianqian (Malaysia)

Fudan University

Bai Xiyin (Korean)

Tsinghua University

Piao Renrong (Korean)

Fudan University