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PTU offers two types of scholarships for language and undergraduate students who study for one year or more:

1) Government Scholarship
Those who meet the requirements concerned are entitled to application for scholarships for international students by Fujian Provincial Government.

2) Putian University International Student Scholarship
PTU sets up its own scholarships, the candidates for which are selected according to the assessment of their achievements and other materials once a year, and the upmost of which is called the full scholarship, with tuition fee for one year, RMB 1,300 for accommodation, RMB 400 for registration, RMB 800 for medical insurance and RMB 10,000 for subsistence allowance all included. For example, the full scholarship for Chinese Language and Literature Major is: tuition fee 14000 yuan + accommodation fee 1300 yuan + registration fee 400 yuan + medical insurance 800 yuan + living allowance 10000 yuan, a total of 26500 yuan.

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