Campus life


1. Campus culture

PTU, assisted by the associations, the Festival of University Students Culture and Art and sports meetings, regularly hosts a wide range of cultural events and sports activities for students, with focuses on the cultivation of Mazu Culture onto Campus, Elegant Art onto Campus, Excellent Traditional Culture onto Campus and other brand activities, involving the Campus Top Ten Singers Competition, Puxian Opera onto Campus, University Debate Competition, Healthy Life Culture Festival, League Group Tour Festival and a series of popular and refined activities, to enrich the "second classroom" for young students. There are 120 registered associations on campus at present, each organizing various activities inside and outside the campus, nearly 300 times a year, with more than 21,000 participants involved.


2. Dormitory conditions

Putian University is equipped with the dormitories of different specifications and conditions to meet the demands of international students, including two-person rooms and some four-person rooms, both well-equipped with independent bathrooms, shower rooms, Internet interface, air conditioners and so on.


3. Diet

Puxian cuisine, an important part of Chinese cuisinem tastes light, especially seafood. Eight canteens on campus for students’ choice provide a wide variety of cuisines rich and reasonable in nutrition, mainly including spicy pot, Muslim food, covered rice, fried chicken, stewed noodles, fish meal, health porridge, nourishing stew pot, fine household dishes and other meals.

4. Medical treatment

Medical and health care services of high-quality and convenience are provided for students in a clinic on campus, including diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, blood pressure monitoring, heart rate examination, wound sterilization and dressing change. In addition, the Emergency Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Putian University has opened a 24-hour green channel, with ambulances and related rescue equipment to dispatch at any time.
Emergency Green Channel Telephone: +86-594-2291111.


5. Traffic

All freshmen admitted by PTU are expected to get toPutianCityby transferring to EMU after arriving inFuzhouorXiamenby plane, and be offered the first free ride by PTU at Putian Station. Please inform us of the number and date of the train in writing in advance.

   The reminder of the unviversity address in the case of direct arrival at PTU on one’s own: 1133#Xueyuan St., Chengxiang District,Putian City,FujianProvince,China. 

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