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Admission Registration

1. Qualification Verification:

The application for admission is to be verified after the reception of one’s application form, and the results of the verification are posted in the “Study inPutianUniversity” section on our website ( as soon as possible. After the confirmation of the admission list, the “Notice of Admission” and “Application Form for Visa for International Students toChina” are sent out (JW202). It takes us at least eight weeks from receiving one’s application forms to sending out the letter of admission.

2. The process of obtaining visas toChina:

The applicants are expected to apply for visas toChinaat Chinese embassies and consulates abroad with passports, photographs, records of physical examination of foreigners, admission notice and JW202 form. It is generally recommended to apply for study visas (X1 visa, which is under request to be replaced by the residence permit within 30 days after entry. )

3. Registration:

Please make ready the original certificates such as the passport, the admission notice, JW202 form and so on, and register at the Academic Affairs Department of Putian University at the time specified in the admission notice. In order to avoid the trouble caused by the expiration of the visa, please register at PTU as soon as possible after arrival inChina. Those who can’t register on the stipulated dates due to special circumstances are expected to get contact with us in advance to ask for permission to postpone the admission for up to two weeks. Those who fail to apply for delay or whose delay is overdue will be disqualified from enrollment except for legitimate reasons such as force majeure.

4. Expense payment:

tuition and accommodation fees to be paid after arrival.

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