Campus life


Requirements for applicants

1. Age :aged 18 to 30

2. Body Condition: good health, no acute or chronic infectious diseases, meet the requirements for admission

3. Education: senior high school graduates, qualified in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English

4. Economic situations: family financial status is good enough to pay for the expense of learning and living in the following five years.

Application procedure

1. Application Schedule

First round: Sep 1st — coming Jan 31st

Second Round: Feb 1st —Jun 30th


3. Documents required (present personally or send all the documents to International Education Department)

① Completed application form for international students(Form)

② Letter of guarantee by a Chinese sponsor (Chinese citizen) with evidence of the sponsor’s identity

③ Copies and notarized copies of the latest schooling certificate and transcripts.

④ Copies of passport or identification

⑤ Copy of Chinese proficiency test certificate

⑥ Physical examination report

⑦ None criminal offend certificate provided by local police station.

⑧ Economic status certificate

4. The registration fee of application will not be returned or transferred after enrollment

Enrollment examination

1. Subject: mathematics, physics, chemistry and English

2. Place: Bengbu Medical College

3. Time: be informed later

Admission and registration

1. The admission letter of Bengbu Medical College and JW202 Form will be sent to applicants after RMB 5000 tuition prepayment received. Applicants can take them to China Embassy to apply for an X visa.

2.Registration time:Students must register on the date specified in the admission letter. Those who are overdue for 2 weeks will be considered as abandoning the qualification on their own accord.

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